Patella Tendinopathy

4 Oct

Landing and jumping activities put a great amount of stress on the patella tendon. Patella tendinopathy, also known as jumper’s knee, is an overuse disorder characterised by pain at the base of the patella (kneecap) with activities such as squatting, sitting or going up and down stairs.

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Biceps Tendinopathy

10 Sep

The biceps muscle functions to bend the elbow and turn the hand to face palm-up. The term “tendinopathy” is used to describe injury and pain of a tendon.

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Some Important Information about Low Back Pain

10 Sep

Lower back pain constitutes almost half of all chronic pain. This has a huge effect on quality of life and people with LBP tend to have more time off work and higher of medical costs than those who do not have symptoms. Find out causes and treatments here!

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Hamstring Tears

7 Aug

Despite their strength, the hamstrings are very prone to injury especially when overworked or undertrained. Find out all about hamstring tears – and how to avoid them – here!

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