Then you need to come and see us…

Back problems can amount to just a niggle or severe pain…and can be caused by the simplest of actions.  If you feel a niggle or are really suffering, we need to get hands-on!

Treatment plans for all injuries…

Hamstrings, calves and ankles, shoulders, hips and groin injuries… we’ve seen it all! Our physios provide injury assessments and treatment plans that will both restore you to the best possible function and help prevent further injuries

Our Services, Location and Why Us…

At Essential Physio our approach to Physiotherapy is ….”Hands On” –  offering a full ranges of services in the Barrossa & Adelaide Hills.

essential physio stands for hands-on intervention that produces results and relief.

Essential Physio (formerly Border Valley Physiotherapy) is a leading physiotherapy consultancy with clinics throughout the Adelaide Hills and Barossa Districts.

With three convenient locations and a great team of experienced, professional physiotherapists, we can treat, re-work, strengthen and rehabilitate every part of the body supported by preventative advice and well-being services.
See why us…

essential physio

  • Neck, Back & Joint Pain
  • Muscle Discomfort
  • Sports Injuries
  • Manipulative Physio
  • Dry Needling
  • Work Cover cases