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Back pain can be related to stress and strain on or damage to several structures, including muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, discs and nerves. Strain can be placed on these structures through overloading (e.g. heavy lifting), repeated movements (e.g. poor posture) or unexpected strain (e.g. coughing or catching a falling object). If the strain on the body is too great this will lead to damage.

Physiotherapists are exceptionally skilled at correct assessment of joint and muscle function. Having diagnosed the source of your back pain appropriate manual therapy, including joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage or dry needling can be used to reduce strain and heal the body. Exercises can be prescribed, along with postural advice, to prevent further injury and damage.

It is important to be correctly assessed as to why your back hurts, as seeking treatment from unqualified health practitioners can be detrimental and expensive. Leaving back pain to “fix itself” can also lead to secondary problems though compensation in different areas of the body.

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