Physio Services

Comprehensive Range of Treatments

  • Neck, Back & Joint Pain
  • Muscle Discomfort
  • Sports Injuries
  • Manipulative Physio
  • Dry Needling
  • Work Cover cases
  • Third Party cases
  • Pre and Post Pregnancy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Gym Facilities
  • Hospital Visits
  • Aged Care Visits

Specialist Training and Treatment

  • Dry Needling
    Specific tissues are stimulated for a beneficial reaction and therapeutic effect, eg tightly contracted muscle fibres are regularly targeted with dry needles to deactivate and resolve them. Often patients experience less pain with dry needling techniques, compared to traditional deep tissue release techniques and manual trigger point therapy, and suffer less post treatment soreness.  This is due to the dry needling technique aiming to change the stimulation to the muscle, helping it to relax.Single use, disposable, sterile needles only, are used at Essential Physio.
  • Taping and Strapping
    After your assessment, your physiotherapist will design your optimal taping to best meet your needs including to stabilise or support your injury, relieve pain by de-loading the affected area or to facilitate normal movement, muscles or postural patterns.

If you already know how to tape or strap, you can purchase sports tape, kinesiology tape and other related products at our Birdwood or Williamstown Clinics.

Gym Facilities

The Birdwood  and Williamstown clinics are equipped with a range of gym equipment. The equipment allows extensive, individualised upper and lower body strength, core strength and flexibility programs to be tailored to your goals.

Programs are designed and shown to you by the physiotherapists, one to one. The gym room can then be booked at a convenient time for your own personal use.

Hospital and Aged Care Services

Essential Physio provide a range of physiotherapy services for seniors and residencies across the Barossa community. Our physiotherapists are trained in aged care, and we provide home visits treating the local community and aged care facilities.

We ensure our clients remain as happy, mobile, and safe as possible, and are there to listen and respond positively to feedback.

For your assurance

All records in the practice are treated as strictly confidential. The patient’s written consent will be required for transfer of information to any other party.

Infection Control
Only disposable, single use dry needles are used.

Telephone Calls and Interruptions During Consultations
The physiotherapists will always accept calls if they are not with a patient. During consultations, staff will take a message for the physiotherapist to return your call. Urgent calls and calls from other health care providers will always be put straight through. Similarly, on occasion, need may arise for the receptionist to speak with the physiotherapist. Interruptions during consultations will be avoided where possible.