For Medical Referrers


We encourage referral between professions to ensure the best possible management for our valued clients.

We are a local sports and general physiotherapy practice with considerable experience in musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment, functional training in sporting and work related injuries and  post operative rehabilitation.

When should you refer?

  • If the patient has undergone investigations with no significant abnormality shown, and you suspect a musculoskeletal cause of the symptoms.
  • If the current medical therapy is not having the desired effect and you would like to try other options.
  • If the patient presents with mechanical pain, worse with movement or with sustained postures.
  • If the patient is not responding to, or is unable to try, conventional treatment
  • If the patient has had a surgical procedure.
  • If the patient has headache or migraine that has been thoroughly investigated, and you would like to investigate the cervical spine as a possible contributing factor to the patient’s symptoms.

What to expect

We will provide feedback to you as soon as possible outlining the following:

  • Assessment findings
  • Working diagnosis and potential source and cause of the patient’s symptoms
  • Treatments given
  • Outcomes
  • Further recommendations

Please contact us if you have a patient that you think may be suitable for physiotherapy. We are happy to discuss individual cases and provide suggestions for management.