Exercise Classes

We provide mindful movement exercise classes for your body and mind.

yogaexerciseThese classes blend physiotherapy, yoga and mindfulness. Gentle guidance adapting to your needs will help you to become aware of your body, how it breathes, holds tension and reacts to your thoughts and emotions. Graceful movements, performed in sitting and standing to develop balance, strength and flexibility, are interspersed with periods of rest to help calm the mind. Suitable for chronic health conditions, back and neck pain, stress-related illnesses, headaches, high blood pressure and injury recovery. For those who have attended our classes before there will be the option of challenging your limitations, holding postures for longer and repeating sequences of postures.

All of our teachers are physiotherapists and qualified yoga teachers.

Tuesdays 6:30 pm and Thursdays 9 am at the Lobethal Reception Centre, 10 Church Street Lobethal.

$154 for 8 week term* / $23 for a casual class.

An individual physiotherapy assessment with Nicola Marsh is required before attending classes.

For more information or to book your assessment and classes please contact us!

admin@essentialphysio.com.au     |    8568 5455


*Term payments may be eligible for claiming from your private health insurance. Please ring your health insurer for details of what you might expect to receive back (item 560).